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A COUNTY Waterford woman would have been 1years of …. Waterford Whispers News (WWN) is a popular Irish satirical news website, based in Waterford. History; See also; References; External .

Some will recall the Waterford Whispers “scoop” that North Korean media was reporting they had landed an astronaut on one of the sun’s black . We gotta thank Waterford Whispers News for making it easy for us to determine if it is real or satire. Denis O’Brien has asked Waterford Whispers News to remove an article. Waterford Whispers receives praise from The Washington Post.

It’s not the first time Waterford Whispers has seen ‘real’ news outlets fall for its stories. A 20article about North Korea claiming to have . Waterford Whispers yesterday removed an article after receiving a letter from O’Brien’s legal team. Waterford Whispers just duped a Ugandan news magazine.

Founder of the brilliant Waterford Whispers News Colm Williamson, chats with Bressie about the creative brain, the importance of satire, mental health, what he’s . The third book from Waterford Whispers News, Irelandamp;;s leading satirical newspaper,amp;nbsp;Waterford Whispers . A German media outlet was left a Lidl bit embarrassed this week after they fell for a satirical report from Waterford Whispers News. Following on from the roaring success (and laughter) behind the bestselling Waterford Whispers News: The State of the Nation and Waterford . Our friends at WWN (Ireland’s leading satire site) asked us to review their most shared stories of 2015.

Irish satirical website Waterford Whispers News (WWN) is worried for the future after Facebook announced last week that it would crack down . WATCH: Hilarious Waterford Whispers News video of ISIS reading mean tweets about themselves (NSFW). This article originally appeared at Waterford Whispers News . Waterford Whispers News is Ireland’s leading satirical site – It shot to notoriety in 20when it ran a story about North Korea landing a man on . Archive of posts by tag: Waterford Whispers. Our good pals at Waterford Whispers News aren’t exactly averse to sparking some mild public outrage, usually from idiots who don’t realise . Waterford Whispers News has been added to the growing list of untrustworthy and fake news sources. Waterford Whispers News is Ireland’s leading online satirical site – Ireland’s answer to The Onion. The site shot to notoriety in January 2014 . The WWN Facebook page has nearly half a million followers, the website gets million unique visitors a month from across the globe where its stories have . Waterfor Ireland — A new accusation coming from 92-year-old newspaper Nevada County Scooper claims the popular Irish satire site Waterford Whispers . Insightful social commentary such as man who no like water thing.

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