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This site provides CAD data, engineering calculation solutions, and detailed product information such as FAQ pages for various mechatronics products including . Specifications of products,Calculate life span,Download 23D CAD data. You can order any of a variety of catalogues, also view in PDF format in Technical .

The complete structure of the catalog THK CO. Spaceclaim, Swiss Precision, Tenado CA Tinkerca Thinkdesign, Think Tribon, TopSoli TurboCA . The complete content of the catalog THK CO. CAD system independent 3D and 2D geometry.

Download CAD Files Click here for THK 2D CAD files, creation of 3D CAD data and other THK Technical Support Information. Linear Motion Systems LM Guide LM Guide with Caged Ball/Roller Caged Ball LM Guide SHS Flange Type – Heavy Load SHS-C 3D . LM block length (L) and a greater rated load. View specifications and model number coding.

Join 160engineers with over 380free CAD files Join the Community. THK HSRparametric Caged Ball LM Guide.

LMガイド、ボールスプライン、ボールねじ、電動アクチュエータ等のメカトロ関連製品各種などの機械要素部品のCADデータや技術計算、FAQなど詳細な製品情報などをご . Do you want to find out where you can get Thk linear guide cad files or other? Our resource is what you exactly want to find. Thk linear guide cad for mac download or read online user manuals in pdf, epub, mobi, fbfor iPad and other e-books.

TraceParts Community of CAD users, server of parts, free CAD Parts Library with 2D drawings and 3D models for . The LM guide can be mounted in all directions and also contains THK’s ball chain, which. Magnet Link : Magnet; Date : 2016-09-13:48:33; Search more : , Torrentz . In addition the radius (rad) and thickness (thk) – solid or hollow cylinder – of the.