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Audient è forse più noto per le sue console di studio e di controllo del monitor di fascia alta e preamplificatori, ma ora l’azienda britannica ha . Interfaccia ad alte prestazioni AD/DA Sistema di monitoraggio La iDtrasforma la. DescrizioneCaratteristiche Info per l’acquisto Disponibilità Recensioni .

Audient have brought their respected ASP-series preamps to the masses in the form of a new USB audio interface. Audient’s IDis a two-in, six-out USB 2 . Dincorpora due classici pre microfonici Audient, dei convertitori AD/DA di nuova progettazione ad alta qualità, disegnati per restituire grande dettaglio e . Ddelivers the audio performance of a large format console in a compact and elegant desktop package.

Providing a pair of Audient console mic pres, . Passa a Recensioni – Recensioni dei clienti:. Per questo prodotto sono disponibili recensioni soltanto in altre lingue. Not sure if a lot of our customers hang around on Gearslutz. Here is a 5-star review as provided to Warren at Zen Pro Audio: Audient . AUDIENT iD- User reviewmar 2014audient idor universal audio apollo twin? Rme babyface vs Focusrite forte vs Apogee duet vs Audient iDvs.

Copia cacheSimiligen 20- Le migliori attualmente in commercio sono Rme babyface, focusrite forte, apogee duet audient iD2 spl crimson.

Other small format interfaces may offer more features for the money; but this can beat them on quality. Audient IDis same as Audient IDbest but cheap audio interface can be characterized as best portable. Review of the audio interface Audient iDat MixYourSound London. Gareth from Audient visits Production Room and takes a look at the new Audient iDAudio Interface. Per il marchio Audient la qualità inizia dal design intelligente, usato per.

Award 2014), l’interfaccia USB IDed il mixer compatto ASP4816. Audient is a British company, founded in 19who have a reputation in the pro-audio industry for their top flight analog consoles and their . There is quite a choice of high-quality, portable audio interfaces these days, read our Audient iDreview though, and you might be impressed . In this video James takes a look at the new Audient iDaudio interface. Tracking Drums, Bass and Guitars James shows you round the . Blue Spark che sembra ricevere buone recensioni).

Can the iDbe a worthy contender in an already saturated market? And yes, the preamps are the same ones that Audient use in their other .